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This sweet little dollhouse is the home to one of my biggest passions— American Girl! In December of 2015, my Grandpa built me my first American Girl dollhouse, and I was thrilled! The special house has held many fun memories of play, welcomed new dolls, and recently went through some grand renovations. I cherish my dollhouse, and I love being able to share it with other girls and AG fans everywhere. Recently, we've added several new additions, but no matter how big the household grows, my dolls and I are thankful for our "Home, sweet Dollhouse".


The Kitchen


The kitchen and living room are on the first floor of the original Doll Days Dollhouse, built by my grandpa. Featuring a dining area, retro fridge, and kitchen appliances, the dolls often gather here for delicious meals. On the right side of the first level, you'll also find the living room. A soft comfy couch is positioned in front of the TV set, making this space perfect for relaxing! The kitchen was originally a dark purple, however, the walls were re-painted a cheery turquoise blue during our "Dollhouse Renovations" series published in 2017. For full details and information, take a tour of the kitchen!

Tenney's Bedroom

Tenney Grant's bedroom was inspired by one of our favorite dollhouse designers, Sami Says AG. Featuring all things sparkly and shabby chic, this pastel bedroom is fit for a rising country star! Tenney has the sweetest of dreams as she snuggles down in her cozy bedding, hand-made by American Girl Doll Crafter. Before the dollhouse renovations, the room showcased a hot pink walls! Since then, the walls have been painted to match Tenney's personality better. This charming space is situated on the second floor of the original dollhouse. Stop by Tenney's shabby chic suite for a closer look inisde her bedroom!


The Classroom


The classroom is part of a two-room box extension added to the dollhouse in 2017. Here, the dolls expand their knowledge as they explore a variety of subjects and ideas! A custom-built lab table was hand made by American Girl Doll Crafter, and she originally intended to use that piece in the kitchen. However, it soon became clear that the table was a perfect match for the classroom! A model of the solar system hangs above the student's desks. while inspirational posters decorate the walls. The classroom floor is yet to be painted, but that's a project we hope to tackle soon. Be sure to join us for a lesson in the classroom!


Meet the Dolls

All of the dolls are featured below beginning with my very first doll to the newest member of the family.

1. Kaya

Kaya was my very first American Girl Doll. On Christmas morning of 2010, I found Kaya sitting inside a tepee with her indian accessories! I was so excited. Kaya went on many adventures with me- from playing outside to having tea parties, she's done almost everything a doll could do! Her legs are wobbly, and Kaya's hair can get frizzy, but that's a sign that she's been loved.


 Kaya loves nature and animals. She longs to have a horse of her own to love and care for one day. Until then, she enjoys going on adventures and exploring the woods beyond her backyard with her active husky, Pepper. Kaya is brave a fearless leader when needed be, and knows how to survive in the wild. She is a little on the shy side and doesn't talk to other dolls much, but catch her in the forest and you'll hear her chattering like a chipmunk to all her animal friends!


Favorite Food: Salmon and berries


Favorite Color: Brown and Dark Green


Favorite Movie: Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron 


Favorite Outfit: Kaya isn't in to fashion, but she likes her Meet Outfit. She says it can go through almost any kind of weather or adventure!


Pets: Pepper, her energetic Husky


Hobbies: Exploring, dogsledding, and animal training


2. Kit

For my 7th birthday, I received Kit and her bed.  Kit quickly became a favorite of mine, and I ended up collecting most of her collection. As a little girl, I just adored her short hair and fun freckles! Kit joined my small doll family with Kaya that day, and I so enjoyed playing with her. 


 Kit loves to write and has a knack for news. She's always finding the latest scoop around the dollhouse, and then types it up for her very own newspaper! She has dreams of becoming a reporter one day for a real newspaper, trying hard everyday to improve her skills. Kit is best friends with Ruthie, and the two are often found solving a mystery or working together to make Kit's daily chores fun. 


Favorite Food: Eggs


Favorite Color: Green


Favorite Movie: Kit Kittredge - An American Girl


Favorite Outfit: Her Reporter Dress


Pets: Grace, her lazy but sweet Basset Hound


Hobbies: Writing and Reporting

3. Ruthie

I picked out Ruthie when we went to the American Girl Store for my birthday a long time ago. Kit needed a best friend, and Ruthie was perfect! I brought her home and she soon moved into my doll tepee with Kaya and Kit. 

Ruthie is a fan of all things fairytale. She spends hours reading stories about princesses and knights in shining armor! While she may seem all caught up daydreaming about her own fairytale, Ruthie has a very kind and generous heart. She'll do anything to help or cheer up her best friend Kit when times get tough, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She and Kit are inseparable, and have been best friends ever since they were little. 

Favorite Food: Turkey


Favorite Color: Purple


Favorite Movie: Ruthie prefers books, so she says Cinderella is her favorite


Favorite Outfit: Her Meet Outfit


Pets: None, but she enjoys playing with Kit's dog, Grace


Hobbies: Reading Fairytales and hanging out with Kit

4. Millie

A long skinny box wrapped in festive paper was waiting for me under the tree on Christmas of 2012. Tearing open the paper, I was overjoyed to find Millie My American Girl #22. My sister, DollBaker24, also received the same doll (which she named Marylee). As soon as we realized that the dolls gave us acess to Inner Star U, we rushed to the computer and began to play away!


 Mischievous Millie is very funny, and loves to be the center of attention. Her naughty but sweet kitten, Cupcake, is always ready to play a game or help with a funny joke. She loves kitties and enjoys spending time with her sisters. While Millie's playfulness may fool you, she is surprisingly very serious Frozen fan! Millie is obsessed with the film and characters, and loves to dress up as Elsa, her favorite Snow Queen. On a regular afternoon, you might even be able to find her watching a Frozen marathon on the dollhouse TV!


Favorite Food: Cupcakes! 


Favorite Color: Pink


Favorite Movie: Frozen


Favorite Outfit: Her Elsa Costume


Pets: Cupcake, the Himalayan Kitten


Hobbies: Pulling pranks, watching movies, and having fun with her pet

5. McKenna

I wasn't planning on getting McKenna in 2012, but after looking over her collection in the American Girl catalogue, I had started to like her. The Olympics were that year, so of course she was popular. My Mom bought our McKenna dolls in April, and hid them in the closet until Christmas! I was so surprised to see McKenna on Christmas morning.

McKenna is the athlete of the family and puts all her heart and energy into her gymnastics. Her trip to the Dollympics has forever changed her life, and made her an even more determined gymnast. McKenna strives to make all her performances spotless, but also enjoys having fun and learning new things along the way. 

Favorite Food: Coffee- she says it helps keep her energized 


Favorite color: Blue and Purple


Favorite Movie: McKenna Shoots for the Stars


Favorite Outfit: Her special Performance Leotard


Pets: None


Hobbies: Practicing gymnastics or learning a new sport


6. Isabelle

In January of 2014, my sister (DollBaker24) and I decided to have our birthday at the American Girl Store in Atlanta. Isabelle was the Girl of the Year at that time, and I absolutely loved her. It was fun to see all of her different ballet accessories, and who wouldn't love a doll that wants to be a fashion designer? As soon as the party was over, I ran to buy an Isabelle doll using the money we received as gifts, and played the day away with our dolls!


 Isabelle is a total fashionista, and is always in on the latest trends. If any of her sisters need style help, Isabelle is the first person they ask! Isabelle is a bit dramatic at times but she always means well. She is a girly girl, and loves things that glitter and shine! Besides her obsession of clothes and jewelry, Isabelle is a devoted Ballerina with a sparkly flair. 

Favorite Food: Anything pink

Favorite Color: It's very obvious- Pink 

Favorite Movie: Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight

Favorite Outfit: She can't choose! Anything fashionable, basically. :P

Pets: Her extremely fluffy Persian cat, Tutu

Hobbies: Dancing and sketching outfit ideas


7. Lanie

One particular day during the summer of 2014, I noticed a very cute doll while playing games on American Girl's website. She looked interesting and unique, so I clicked on her, and it led me to Lanie's page. I immediately began to read and explore more about this sweet little doll, and quickly fell in love with her. But sadly, since she had been retired 4 years ago, I wouldn't be able to buy her, and besides, I was fresh out of money! That's when an idea popped up inside my head. I was sure I could find a Lanie doll on eBay, and if I helped my Mom around the house, I would soon have enough money for her! After almost 2 months of folding laundry and doing other odd jobs, I picked out a Lanie on eBay and ordered her right away. I've loved her ever since the day she arrived, and Lanie has been on almost every family vacation or trip!


Lanie is a nature girl and loves admiring the beautiful world around her. If anything has something to do with plants or the outdoors, Lanie will be there! Her favorite hobby is gardening, and she thinks her sweet bunny Lulu is the cutest animal in the world. Even though I love all of my dolls, Lanie will always have a special place in my heart. 

Favorite Food: Fresh veggies and fruits from her garden

Favorite Color: Pink or Green

Favorite Movie: Cinderella (2015)

Favorite Outfit: If she can explore and garden in it, then it's good enough for Lanie!

Pets: "Lulu, my very sweet and adorable bunny"

Hobbies: Tending to her garden, walking Lulu, and exploring outside

8. Grace

I received Grace as a birthday gift from my parents in 2015. I remember watching a video of her leaked collection before New Year's Day, and I decided right then and there that I loved her. She is the first doll to have her ears pierced.


Grace is the oldest doll in the house, and is very responsible and neat. After all, she has to be since she runs her own baking business! She learned many new recipes and tips when she visited her Aunt and Uncle in Paris, and loves putting a new spin on classic desserts. Grace is often found whipping up a delicious treat for her family or selling yummy baked goods from her very own La Petite Patisserie Pastry Cart!

Favorite Food: Macaroons and Fruit Tarts

Favorite Color: Pastel Blue and Pink

Favorite Movie: Grace Stirs Up Sucess

Favorite Outfit: Her Baking Outfit

Pets: Bonbon the French Bulldog

Hobbies: Baking pastries and keeping track of her sales

9. Maryellen

Maryellen is one of my favorite dolls. When the stock photos of her leaked, it was the only thing I ever talked about! My Mom knew how much I adored her, so on the day of her debut, she surprised me by ordering a Maryellen doll and accessories. I love and cherish Maryellen so much, and she's very special to me. 

Maryellen has a head full of pie-in-the-sky ideas and a heart full of dreams! She loves learning about outer space, and hopes to discover more about the planets and stars. Ellie, as her sisters often call her, enjoys viewing the twinkling stars on a clear night with her most prized possession- her very own telescope. Doodling is also another hobby she enjoys, and likes to draw cartoons for her family and friends.

Favorite Food: Milkshakes from the diner

Favorite Color: Coral and Mint

Favorite Movie: Maryellen 1955: Extraordinary Christmas

Favorite Outfit: Her stylish Poodle Skirt. She says it makes her feel very grown-up.

Pets: Scooter, her chubby and lazy dachshund 

Hobbies: Attending Sock Hops, studying the night sky, and dreaming up big ideas

10. Lea

During the last few days of December in 2015, my sisters and I were anticipating the arrival of the 2016 Girl of the Year, Lea Clark. We had just seen leaked photos of the doll and her collection, which only built up our anticipation for her even more! While I secretly loved Lea, I kept telling myself not get her- I didn't need anymore dolls! ... Did I? Not surprisingly, Lea finally ended up at the top of my Birthday Wishlist at the beginning of the new year. On the big day, I was overjoyed to unwrap the long skinny box that held Lea inside! She is the most unique doll I have, and while DollBaker24 also received her own Lea doll (Lea Rey), they both look extremely different. 

Lea craves adventure of any kind and loves to explore- whether it be hiking in a tropical rainforest or diving in the blue deep! She traveled all the way to Brazil before she joined her new family in America, and while her home with her sisters is far different from the bright, sandy beaches she had known, Lea wouldn't trade it for the world! Lea loves animals, and has a compassionate heart for injured or hurt creatures. She will help any critter in need, and has a loyal turtle named Ginger whom she rescued from a beach in Brazil.

Favorite Food: Tamales and Pineapple 

Favorite Color: Ocean Blue and Tropical Green

Favorite Movie: Dolphin Tale

Favorite Outfit: Her Hiking Outfit or a Swimsuit

Pets: Ginger, a tropical sea turtle that Lea rescued from a beach and nursed back to health

Hobbies: Kayaking or swimming in the ocean, volunteering at the local aquarium, and caring for Ginger

11. Sierra

Sierra's addition to the Doll Days family is so unique and surprising from anything I could have ever imagined; I won her in a contest! In November of 2015, American Girl held a contest titled "World by Girls", where girls could enter by creating their own place that would change the world for good. I immediately set to work, brainstorming and thinking up ideas for my entry. After much planning, I finally settled on an idea, wrote my paragraph describing the place I chose, and drew an illustration to go along with it. Hoping for the best, we sent my entry off to the post office. Then, months later in February, the winners were announced... and I won second place for my age group! I was extremely surprised and excited when Sierra arrived. In fact, I was waiting outside when the postman delivered her. I love and cherish Sierra very much, and she will always remind me of that special day when I received her.

Sierra is a star student with a sparkly personality, and likes to reflect her smart style through what she wears. Studying is her main hobby, but Sierra never misses the chance to meet up with her best friends or help a sister with their homework! She is upbeat and encouraging, making her a sweet friend to whoever she may meet. 

If she's not buried deep in a textbook or studying homework, Sierra may be found trying to teach her hamster, Chester, tricks! 

Favorite Food: Apples and PB&J

Favorite Color: Lilac purple and sky blue

Favorite Movie: McKenna Shoots for the Stars (Named after one of the characters)

Favorite Outfit: Anything smart and cute, preferably sweaters

Pets: Her mini hamster, Chester

Hobbies: Polishing her math facts, reading, and chatting with her besties, Georgia and Z

12. Melody

I picked out Melody during our trip to the American Girl Store in August of 2016. My sisters and I had been saving up to buy new items all summer, and it was so exciting to be able to see her whole world in person. At the time, American Girl was having a sale on exclusive collections, so I purchased Melody along with her musical instruments and a few outfits for great price.

Melody was born to sing! If there's a song in the dollhouse, it's most likely from Melody. She loves anything that involves music- from brainstorming for new song lyrics to jamming out in a recording session. Melody's musical passion even led her and her two best friends to form a band (The Deedle Dee's), which is quite popular in the doll world. Besides humming a new tune or practicing her harmony, Melody can be found either exploring the neighborhood park or recording a new album at the local studio.

Favorite Food: Blueberry Pie

Favorite Color: Royal Blue and Green

Favorite Movie: Hidden Figures

Favorite Outfit: Her Special Performance Dress (Don't forget her hair poof!)

Pets: Bojangles the terrier

Hobbies: Singing and cuddling with Bo

13. Danielle

I really loved Truly Me #66 when she debuted, but wasn't quite sure if she was the next doll I should buy. I couldn't figure out a good name or personality, so I kind of gave up on buying her. Just as the days before Christmas started winding down, the perfect name and personality popped right into my head. Since it was so close to the holidays, I didn't expect to receive #66, but my Mom knew all along. She had already ordered the doll ahead of time, and I was totally shocked and surprised to see Danielle in her box on Christmas day! 

Ever since the arrival of Luciana, Danielle has been sporting a purple highlight in her hair- not to mention her new interest in space! She spends most time in the lab with Luci, and plans to visit Space Camp one day. 

Favorite Food: Fruit Smoothies and Salad

Favorite Color: Turquoise 

Favorite Movie: None, specifically

Favorite Outfit: A pair of patterned leggings with a t shirt

Pets: None

Hobbies: Jogging, Dancing, and hanging out with Luciana

14. "Queen" Beverly

Willa, or Beverly, was a birthday gift from my parents this year in January. My sister also received Willa at our Wellie Wisher Birthday Party. The Wellie Wishers line had been launched last June, and over time I had fallen in love with their sweet little faces- especially Willa's! Once I had opened Willa, I decided to rename my doll Beverly, after Maryellen's little sister from the books and movies. 

Beverly considers herself ruler of dollhouse, and prefers to go by her royal title, Queen Beverly. The older girls aren't quite sure what to think of her yet, but Maryellen knows her little sister perfectly well. Beverly has a princess personality, and loves to host garden tea parties- but don't be fooled by her proper attitude! Sometimes you can catch her, Willa, and Emerson giggling wildly after goofing off! Besides serving pretend tea and following Maryellen everywhere she goes, Beverly likes to show all that she learns in ballet class to her sisters. 

Favorite Food: Chocolate Cupcakes

Favorite Color: Red and Pink

Favorite TV Show: Peppa Pig

Favorite Outfit: Beverly longs to own a princess costume some day

Pets: Beverly has recently taken a liking to Lanie's bunny Lulu, but Lulu is not so sure what to think! XD

Hobbies: Being a princess, practicing ballet, watching Peppa Pig, and hosting tea parties with her best friends, Willa and Emerson

15. Tenney Grant 

Tenney joined the doll family in June of 2017. My family had flown to Colorado for vacation, and of course, a trip to the American Girl Store was on the top of our priority list! (Read/watch it HERE) DollBaker24 and I both chose our own Tenney dolls at the store together, but as usual, the two have differing facial features. Tenney is the first doll with "makeup" in the family, and her hair is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to purchase her. 

Tenney plays the banjo almost professionally; she's taken lessons since she was 6!  Music has always come naturally for her, and she loves to think up lyrics straight from the heart. Country music is her passion, and not surprisingly, she is rather famous for her songs in the doll world. Tenney's charming, southern voice makes her stand out at the dollhouse, but she doesn't mind all that much. She has become quite acquainted with Melody, whom she will often spend days with in the local recording studio. The other dolls have also discovered that Tenney has a weakness for sweet tea and fried chicken. That's how they bribe her to sing them a song! XD

Favorite Food: Sweet Tea and Fried Chicken

Favorite Color: Soft Pink and Turquoise 

Favorite Movie: Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors

Favorite Song: Reach the Sky (written by Tenney), and Circle of Love (Dolly Parton)

Favorite Outfit: Anything with a pair of boots

Favorite Singer: The one and only country star, Dolly Parton- Tenney obsesses over her! 

Pets: Waylon, her biggest fan from the start, who occasionally sings along

Hobbies: Tenney loves to get up early in the morning, right when the sun peeps over the horizon, and spend time practicing in her songwriting room. She also enjoys having jam sessions with Melody at the local studio.


16. Shelby

Shelby joined the crew in March of 2018. While my Dad was on a business trip in Atlanta, his meetings happened to be near the Alpharetta American Girl Store. Of course, a trip was in the near future! Through a video chat, he led us around the store to view the items, and to pick out Shelby. (Thanks, Dad!) I had to wait a week before my Dad arrived back home with Shelby, but the wait was worth it. She's a cutie!

Shelby considers herself part mermaid. She spends so much time at the seashore that her sisters are starting to believe it! Shelby loves to feel the sand between her toes and the ocean spray on her face. Collecting shells and forgotten treasures is one of her favorite hobbies. Shelby has a bright and bubbly personality- not to mention a curiosity for all things under the sea!

Favorite Food: Coconut Cupcakes

Favorite Color: Pastel Pink, Blue, and Purple

Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid

Favorite Outfit: A swim suit or her mermaid costume

Pets: None

Hobbies: Shelby has recently taken up surfing as her new hobby- she never misses out on the chance to "catch a wave"!

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