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AGmusicians story- Adventures with Grace

AgMusician sent me a great story about her Grace doll!

Adventures with Grace

It was a beautiful day, so Grace decided to go outside.

She walked down the stairs to the patio.

Grace looked around, trying to decide what to do first. Then she saw a gnome garden so she walked on the stones to the garden.

When she entered the gnome garden, she sat on both of the mushrooms.

Then she went to the gazebo and swung on the swing.

She swung there for a while, looking at the chickens.

All of a sudden, Grace saw a disc swing. She swung on the swing for awhile. Grace loved the swing!

Finally, Grace decided to go inside. Grace had a blast playing outside!!!

Good job, AgMusician! That was a lovely story. :) If you want to send in a story or any other doll things, email them to I'd love to hear from you!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. Check back for a Grace inspired craft coming later today! Also, Breakfast Battles has been canceled until I can upload the photos. I'm very sorry and I hope things start to work soon!

I will be posting other short stories, though. Thank you for understanding! ;)

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