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The Secret Surprise...

Hi everyone! Today is the first day of August! Are you excited? I am. August is one of my favorite months. Why? Well...

1. It's my Moms Birthday!

2. School starts back.

3. The secret surprise...

I know you're all wondering what the secret surprise is, and some of you probably know it already. Ready to find out? The secret surprise is...

Maryellen Month!

What is Maryellen Month?

Let me explain.

1. August 27th is when Maryellen debuts. I came up with the idea of making August all about her and the fun-filled 50's!

2. There will be a countdown to her debut.

3. I post facts and crafts inspired by the 50's.

4. Hopefully, I can do a retro giveaway. I'm already doing a back-to-school giveaway, so another might not be possible. I will try, though.

5. I will be sharing my thoughts, ideas, and guesses about Maryellen.

6. Each week has a different theme about the 50's.

7. If you want to share anything you and your doll did during Maryellen Month, feel free to send it to me at

That's what will be happening during Maryellen Month! Don't worry, I will still be posting regular stuff. I thought this would be really fun and I hope everyone will enjoy it! If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments or send me an email.

Get ready, because this month is going to be fun!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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