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MM Week 1-Homes and Diners!

This is the first official day of Maryellen Month! Are you excited? I am! We'll be talking about homes for 2 days, and diners for the last 4 days of this week. (I'm sorry about the bad photos. I was going to edit them so they would look better, but they wouldn't load.) Let's get started!

50's House Facts

Homes had western styles. They were usually one-story and small.

Doesn't this house look almost exactly like the one on Maryellen's book cover?

This also looks like Maryellen's house.

The interior was bright and colorful with unique designs. I noticed that lots of kitchens were either blue or yellow.

This looks like an American Girl Retro Kitchen!

Isn't that funny? Maybe they were popular colors back then!

Here are some 1950's living rooms. The second photo is really colorful. :)

Now, on to the bedrooms!

If you were living in the 50's, your parents would probably sleep in here....

Or here...

Or here...

Or here!

This might be your bedroom...

And your younger brother or sister would stay in here.

Next, we have bathrooms.

A blue bathroom. :)

The two above are my favorite!

It looks like most of these bathrooms are made out of tile.

Did you like the first day of MM? This was a fact day, so a craft will be posted tomorrow.

Only 25 more days until Maryellen's debut!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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