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My Life As... In-store Report

Hi! Today we went to Walmart. My mom let me stop by the My Life As... section and I have an

in-store report for you!

All the dolls.

This is the ice skater doll. I have never seen her before; she must be new.

I just LOVE this girl! She's adorable and her outfit is too cute! She would make a wonderful Sylvie for Grace.

A doll carrier. It's cute and big, but I already have an OG doll carrier.

The new desk (super cute!) and a pet stroller. My favorite is the pet stroller!

A beautiful horse. Sorry for the blurry photos! We were in a rush!

This is something interesting. My Life As... Legos!

I've been saving the best for last! As a back to school gift, my mom let all of us pick out one tiny thing we wanted. Can you guess what I got?

Bonbon! She was only $5.00! I love her and Grace will be so excited! But I'm not allowed to play

with her until Wednesday when I go back to school. ;( I will be posting a review on her soon!

So, do you like any My Life As... items? What's on your wish list? I would like to save up for the bunny ensemble, the pet stroller, and maybe the baking doll.

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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