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Back to school!

Today, Lanie and her best friends, Annie, Grace and Olivia, went back to school shopping.

"Hello, welcome to Dollmart!", said the lady behind the counter.

Lanie rushed over to the backpacks. She picked out one from Innerstar U.

Annie and Olivia went to the books. They chose Meet Grace and a Science book.

Meanwhile, Grace went over to get some scissors it was the last thing she needed for school.

"Hello shoppers. Dollmart will be closing in 10 minutes.",said the cashier lady. Everyone ran to the check out.

"I'm glad we got everything!", said Annie.

"We barely made it out!" Replied Grace with a giggle.

The girls kept on talking, but Lanie remained silent. Soon, she had to say goodbye and turn down her street.

Lanie was exhausted. It had been a long day and she didn't want to go school shopping.

She dropped her backpack and sank to the floor.

Why does school have to start tommorrow? I don't want to be in 7th grade. It sounds so hard!, thought Lanie. She was about to cry when her mother (me) shouted, "Lanie, close your eyes! I have a surprise!"

"A puppy!", she screamed. "It's so cute! I love her! I'll name it Bonbon."

Lanie hugged her new dog. This was the best back to school present she had ever had!

Maybe school won't be so hard. It might be fun! So far, 7th grade has been great!

The End!

I start school tommorrow! (I'm homeschooled). I've been a little worried about going into a new grade, but I'm sure it will be fun! I won't be able to post as much; probably just in the afternoon.

I'm so excited!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. A review on Bonbon is coming soon!

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