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Hi everyone! I would like to let you all know that there will not be a craft today, but DO NOT worry! There will be lots of crafts for the diner section of this week. I have been extremely busy helping my mom prepare for our school. (All of my siblings and I are homeschooled. It's fun, but it's a big job!)

The craft for today was going to be a retro fridge, but I have not had time to make it and take photos.

Awhile back though, I made a cooler for my Doll Market. I thought it sort of looked like a retro fridge, so here are some photos.

You might be able to make this by looking at the photos. It's made out of a cracker box.

Once again, I'm very sorry! I promise there will be more crafts (and another special post!) during the diner part of this week.

Thank you for understanding!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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