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Craft-How to make a doll Milkshake

The Milkshake craft won the most votes! So today we will be making one.


  • Tape

  • 1 cotton ball

  • 2 Pom poms

  • Modge Podge

  • Puff Paint

  • 1 small cup

  • Hot glue gun (not shown)

1. Start with your Pom Pom. Put a piece of tape on the bottom. Then stuff it down in the cup.

2. Put another peice of tape on top of the first Pom Pom. You'll need it for later.

3. Next, glue a Pom Pom on the bottom of the cotton ball.

4. Stick the Pom Pom in the cup.

5. Paint Modge Podge on the cotton ball.

6. Make a zig zag design on the milkshake.

And you're done! It's adorable and one of the cutest things I've ever made!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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