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~News Flash~ Maryellen's Collection

Hello everyone! It's American Girl Doll Crafter Guess what-


We interrupt this program to report the latest news.

Hello, everyone. I'm Kit Kittredge, tonight's host of AG News. We're filming live from the AGN headquarters and we have some breaking news for you. Photos of Maryellen Larkin's collection has been seen on social media!

Seaside Diner

Living Room Set


Blue Couch

Scooter, Ms. Larkin's dachshund.

A jukebox. It looks like you can plug in a phone or MP3 player.

Her Pjs and Hairstyle Set

Cherry outfit

Ice Skating Outfit. There are also ice skating accessories that go with it.

School Dress

Birthday Dress

And last, a close up of her beautiful face!

So, what do you think? Ms. Larkin is sure to be the next Doll Star. She hasn't even come out yet and she's already popular!

Well, that's all we know so far. Stay tuned for an interview with the dolls on their thoughts about Maryellen Larkin and her collection. I'm Kit Kittredge and this... is AG News.


Hmm... That was odd but interesting! Why all of a sudden did a TV show come on my blog?

Oh well! Maybe it will happen again! :)

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