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Craft-How to make a Doll Necklace

For MM Fashion week, let's make a pearl necklace for our dolls! I think pearls were popular back then, because Maryellen has a pearl necklace in her accessories. :)


  • A package of small pearl beads

  • 15 inch piece of elastic

  • Scissors

  • Clear coat nail polish or Crazy Glue (Crazy Glue works best)

1. Thread beads onto your string. I used 34 pearls.

2. Once you have that finished, tie a knot so your pearls won't slip off.

3. Elastic can come undone easily, so add a drop of clear coat polish or crazy glue on the knot.

Now your doll can look stylish and retro!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

#crafts #Maryellenmonth

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