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Doll Food Disaster!

You won't believe what happened a few days ago! Here's the story.

We had just bought a sculpey clay to make a craft for Maryellen Month. I didn't have much experience with clay, but after playing around with it for 2 days, I got the hang of it. :) I had just finished the MM craft and decided to make my dolls some french treats. They're so cute; 2 macarons and crossiants, 4 chocolate bars and a donut! I put them in the oven for 15 minutes at 275 degrees. But before the timer went off, we went to go run an errand. I totally forgot about my treats as I rushed out the door. My family and I were gone for 2 hours! On the way home, I shouted, "OH NO! I left my clay treats in the oven!" My mom drove as fast as she could towards home. Thankfully, our house wasn't in flames, but it smelled terrible! We took the treats out of the oven and let them cool outside. (They smelled that bad!) Surpisingly, they weren't burned. Just a little brown on the edges, but I could still use them.

I'm so thankful that our house isn't burned down and I've learned my lesson! From now on, I'm sitting right by the oven until my clay creations are done!

Have you ever had a disaster while making something for your doll?

-American Girl Doll Crafter


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