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~AG News~ What do the Dolls think?

We interrupt this program to report the latest news.


Hello everyone. Welcome back to AG News. Today, we went around town asking dolls what they thought about Maryellen Larkin and her collection. Let's see what they have to say.

Kit: What do you think about Maryellen?

Millie: Well, I don't know. I like her, but it would be different having a sister from the 50's.

Kit: Hello there. What do you think about Ms. Larkin?

Grace: Her diner is AWESOME! I mean, my uncle's patisserie was great and all, but a real diner from the 50's? That's amazing! I'm going to work there.

Kit: That's very nice, but do you have any thoughts about Ms. Larkin?

Grace: Oh.. Umm, Yes, she's pretty. Her diner is the best, though.

Kit: Hi everyone. Do you like Maryellen's dog, Scooter? Do you want him to come live with you?

Lulu: ( Lulu can't speak, so she wiggled her nose a lot. I guess that means she wants him to come and stay.)

Sugar: Grrrrrr... Arf! Arf! Grrrr... ( That must mean NO.)

Grace: Woof! Woof! Arroooooo! ( I think Grace says Yes!)

Bonbon: ..... ( Bonbon doesn't know what to think. )

Pepper: Arf! Woof woof! ( Pepper agrees with Grace.)

Hi, sorry to bother you, but would you want Maryellen Larkin to be your new sister?

Kaya: *cough* Uhhh... Who is she?

Kit: Oh, never mind. I hope you feel better!

Next I went downtown to ask a few dolls.

Kit: Hello! Do you think Maryellen Larkin is popular?

McKenna: Yeah! She's so famous. I like her determination and how she follows her heart instead of the crowd.

Kit: Hi Girls! If you could buy one thing out of Maryellen's collection, what would it be?

Ruthie: Hmmm, I can't really decide. I think I would probably get her pajamas. They look very comfortable.

Isabelle: Definitely her jukebox! I could dance forever listening to that!

Kit: Good evening! Do you like Ms. Maryellen?

Lanie: Oh yes. I'm a very big fan of hers and it would be a dream if she was my sister! We have so much in common, and we both have bangs!

Well, everyone, that's what the dolls around here think! I personally love her, and she would be a great news assistant. Do you like her? Are you ready to meet her, or are you not so sure? Please leave you thought in the comments. I'm Kit Kittredge and this.... is AG News.


There was that news show again. I have to admit, I'm enjoying it! It's so cute! Do you think it will come on again?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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