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App Review- Maryellen TV Console

Tonight, I shall be reviewing AG's free Maryellen TV Console! Let's get started.

First, I just LOVE this little game! It's adorable and fun.

You can make mini movies, or just enjoy the super-cute ones that AG already has on there.

If you want to make a movie, you can chose from 5 different themes, music, and titles and more!

You can also listen to different 50's songs. (I like Let's Stroll best!)

If you have Maryellen's TV, you can put your iPad in the back and let it play the videos on the app. How cool is that?! I'm definitely getting her TV now!

The only thing my sisters and I don't like about this app is that you have to pause the video before you can save it. We had to re-do several videos because of that.

Overall, this app is great! I just love it and the best part is.... It's free! I would recommend for you to download it as soon as you can. I rate Maryellen TV Console 4.5 out of 5 stars. :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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