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GOTY 2016 Book Titles

GOTY 2016's book titles are on Amazon. They are avalible for pre-order. Here are the titles...

GOTY Leads the Way

GOTY and Camilla

GOTY Dives in

These are the descriptions for the 3 book boxed set and GOTY and Camilla

So, she probably has something to do with Brazillian Beaches.

Here is my guess

1. She loves to swim.

2. She goes to Brazil on vacation and visits beaches and a rainforest.

3. She's very adventurous.

4. She might see the Olympics.

5. The stray kitten will be her pet.

Remember, this is just MY guess. American Girl hasn't confirmed any of this to the public yet. We'll keep you updated on GOTY 2016!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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