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The BIG Maryellen Post

Since Maryellen is making her debut tomorrow, and since the last to weeks of Maryellen Month have been canceled, I decided to do a fun little post about all the things we've seen and heard about her collection!

First, we have the Sneak Peeks AG gave us on Pinterest.

Earlier this month, leaked photos of her collection were on Instagram.

Next, Maryellen Month!

This was a photo I sent into Doll Diaries Sunday Showcase.

For week one, we made fun 50's Diner crafts.


Retro Fridge



Retro Diner

Week 2 was Retro Fashion.

Pearl Necklace

Poodle Purse

I did a review on the Maryellen TVConsole

Kit did a report on the Maryellen news.

She also gave us an interview.

I don't think I posted this... But it was a drawing of what I thought the Seaside Diner would look like.

And last, we have the short film project on Tongal!

Wow, it's been an exciting month! Are you ready for Maryellen's big debut tomorrow? I've been waiting for this all month! Stay tuned for my thoughts on her collection and other fun surprises!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. Will you be getting Maryellen? If anyone is going to her debut, I'd love to see photos. You can send them in to me at

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