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A BIG Surprise!

Another hour had passed and Isabelle still had nothing to do. She was bored and wished something cool or exciting would happen, but so far, nothing. Isabelle decided to take a walk around to see if there was anything interesting going on outside the dollhouse.

Suddenly, she heard a bunch of girls start to scream! One of them sounded a lot like her mom!

Isabelle ran to the schoolroom where she heard the noise.

"I wonder what's happening?" , she said as she leaned on the door to listen.

"Oh, I'm so excited!!!", said her Mom. (Me)

"Me too!"

"I can't wait for her to arrive!"

It was Isabelle's Mom, along with her two Aunts. ( Dollbaker24, and DollPandaLover.)

Isabelle listened closely as the girls kept on talking. Something exciting was happening, and Isabelle could hardly believe it.

Could this be true?, she thought. Are we really getting a new sister?! I must go tell everyone!

Isabelle raced home as fast as she could.

The other dolls were having their bedtime chat when..."GIRLS.... girls!", Isabelle cried.

"What it is?"

"Is something wrong?"

"No, everything is GREAT! Guess, what!"

Everyone looked at her, waiting to find out.

"We're getting a new sister! Maryellen Larkin!"

They all threw their hands up and screamed. How exciting, a new sister!

Even the dogs were happy!

Well, all of the dogs except Sugar.



Yes, it's true! Maryellen is coming to my house! My mom surprised my sisters and I today before school. She ordered them and our dolls should be here in 5-9 days. I'm so excited!!!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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