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My Thoughts- Maryellen's Collection

Today is the day many people have been waiting for! Maryellen is here along with her collection. This post will be about my likes and dislikes on her items. Lets get started! ( Note: While reading this post, look for hints about a BIG surprise I'm revealing later today!)

This was one of the first things I saw when I entered the website.

This photo was on the Beforever shopping page. It's so cute!

1. Maryellen 18 inch Doll $115 ( $115 Without the Accessories )

Yes, yes, yes, I absolutely adore her! Maryellen is super cute and I love her dress. The pattern is unique and it has a 50's feel to it. The ribbon also adds nice touch.

2. Maryellen's Accessories $24

I think Maryellen's accessories are cute. (Especially the purse!) I wonder if the gloves are made out of silk... I guess I'll have to wait and see... he he!

3. Maryellen's Flower Pajamas $24

I like her pjs, do you? They have tiny blue and green flowers on them with green ribbon trimming. I'm not so crazy about the slippers or the pj bottoms. The shorts are reeeeally short and aren't too modest. The slippers look like shoes.

4. Couch Bed $150

I really wanted this couch when I first saw it, but now I'm not so sure. The colors are nice and the pillows look comfy. The blanket is cool too! It can pull into a bed. It can hold 2 dolls. I don't think I will get it though. $150 is a lot for a doll couch bed.

5. Maryellen's Hairstyling Set $20

I think Maryellen has the most adorable hairstyle set out of all the Beforever Dolls! ( Speaking of hairstyle sets, American Girl made one for Josefina! ) I really like the little hat. I'll probably need those curlers.... :)

6. Poodle Skirt $36

This is my favorite outfit from Maryellen's collection! I mean, who doesn't love a pink and black poodle skirt? The polka-dot sleeves on the shirt are adorable.

7. Birthday Dress $34

DollBaker24 is in love with this outfit! She talks about it a lot. I like it too, but I can't decide if I want it or not. It is really pretty....

8. School Dress $32

Right now, I don't like this. But, I might change my mind.

9. Play Outfit

DollPandaLover and DollBaker24 love this outfit. It's cute! I like it and Lanie (or another doll!) might end up wearing.

10. Ice Skating Outfit ($36) and Accessories ($24)

This is so cute, but so expensive! The whole set costs $60. I wonder if it snows in her story...

11. Crinoline $16

This is for your doll's skirt or dress. I think this is nice for photoshoots, so I might buy it for... oops, I forgot. I can't tell you yet. :)

12. Striped Outfit for Girls $84

You could match your Maryellen doll in this cute dress! It's made out of a soft knit material. It looks a little short, so I would probably wear leggings with it.

13. Pretty Poodle Dress for Girls $58

Adorable, but this dress is short too! I wish AG's dresses were longer... ;(

14. Flower-Print Pajamas for Girls $42

I LOVE these! I'm so glad they are modest. I am hoping to buy this.

15. Maryellen's Classroom Set $40

I actually think this set is cute! I wouldn't want to buy it, though.

16. Maryellen's Television Console $85

I like this a lot! If you have the Maryellen TV Console App, you can put your iPad in the TV so it can play your movies! ( I made a video of Lanie at the Diner. I'll have to post it sometime. )

17. Maryellen's Living Room Set $58

I personally don't care for this at all.

18. Seaside Diner $275

Maryellen's Diner is ok. I like the colors better than Our Generation's Diner, but OG's comes with more food and accessories. It's not my favorite.

19. Jukebox $90

This jukebox can plug in to your electronic device so it can play your music! The jukebox can play 6 songs without a phone or tablet. I like it, but its not something I want.

20. Maryellen's Dog, Scooter

Scooter would be cuter with bead eyes. I agree with many people. He looks like a cartoon. AG is loosing their quality on pets.

That's what I think about Maryellen and her collection! What do you think? What are your likes and dislikes?

My thoughts on the new Truly Me items will be posted later today or tomorrow.

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. Did you find all of the hints? Stay Tuned to find out what the surprise is! :)

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