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Oh, Molly!

Hi everyone! DollBaker24 (my sister) has written funny story for you all! I liked it a lot, and I'm sure you will too!

Oh, Molly!

By DollBaker24

Have you ever had a day that you have a hard time deciding what to wear? Well, today is one of those days for Molly. She just woke up and had made her bed.

''What a lovely morning!'', she said, as she looked out the window. Molly went down stairs to what was for breakfast.

Grace was making pancakes and bacon, her favorite! ''Morning Grace! Is breakfast ready yet?'' ''Yep, here's your plate.'', Grace said. After she ate the delicious pancake and bacon, she went upstairs to get dressed.

''Let's see.... Oh, yes.'', Molly said, digging through the clothes.

She pulled out 3 outfits and tried one on.

''No, this looks terrible!'', she said.

''Nope, not this one either!''

Molly pulled out more....

and more....

and more!

Thankfully, Isabelle came upstairs to check on her. She was worried because Molly had been upstairs for 2 hours.

''Molly! Everyone is outside playing and we were- OOF!'' Isabelle landed on the bed with a thud, which made Molly stop and look over.

''Molly, what a mess! What on earth are you doing? Mom is going to be mad!''

''Sorry, I just can't find the perfect outfit.'', she said.

''Well I can help you, but first let's clean up a bit.''

Soon, they were finished cleaning!

''Now, I have just the thing.'', said Isabelle.

She pulled out a pink skirt...

a white shirt and shawl....

and some purple boots.

''Wow, that's so cute! I love it! Thanks!''

''Oh, it's nothing...'', said Isabelle proudly.

''I'll let you change. I have to go help wash some dogs. Ewww!''

''Ok, bye!'', Molly said with a giggle.

''Ooh, I look great!''.

''Now, what should I play today?''

Not Again!


So how did you like it? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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