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Maryellen's New Room Part 3

Maryellen still hasn't arrived yet! My mom called American Girl and they said that she should be here on Thursday. All of the dolls are ready for her to get here, especially Lanie. :) We have finished Maryellen's room and we wanted to show it to everyone!

First, we have the cute purple shelf that I made out of Popsicle sticks!

Next, a paper heart poster that says "Maryellen."

And last, a picture of Scooter! I made the frame and colored the picture. It's really not that dark, the camera just took it that way. :) Thank you American Girl Doll Artist for the idea!

The dolls and I made her a little card.

The inside says, "Welcome Maryellen! Dear Maryellen, Welcome to your new home! We love you! Love, Mom and the Dolls."

"Ohhhh! When will she be here?"

DollBaker24 has been getting her dollhouse ready for Maryellen too! Let's take a look.

She has some new bedding from her old baby doll crib. I love all the pink!

I made her a little shelf and she painted it yellow. On the shelf is a journal, a pencil, a cup of hot cocoa and 1 s'more, and a homemade pinwheel.

DollBaker24 made a picture of Maryellen in a frame. The lamp is from the dollar store and the cute panda came with McKenna.

Now, let's take a look at DollPandaLover's house!

She has a cute picture of Maryellen in her meet outfit along with some other little things that Maryellen will enjoy. :)

DollPandaLover has a yellow shelf too! There's a magazine, camera and tissue box on it.

She has some pictures of Maryellen on the wall.

So, did you like all of the dollhouses? I'm sure all of the Maryellen dolls will love their new home! Thank you for sharing your ideas on dollhouse decorations, everyone! It really helped. :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

Bonus Photo!

My sisters and I were all playing Doll Theatre yesterday. It was so much fun! Lanie did a few retro dances using music form Maryellen's TV Console App. :)

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