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American Girl Beforever Short Fim Project- Time to Vote!

I'm sure you all know that American Girl was having a beforever short film project about Maryellen and Julie. About a week ago, you could send in your audition video. They would choose 10 winners, 5 for Julie and 5 for Maryellen. My sisters and I all auditioned for Maryellen. :) So, now they have the winners and it's time to vote! You get to watch the girls' videos and vote on the one you think does the best.

Here's the Link:

My sisters and I voted for Harlie Galloway as Maryellen. We think she's a natural and has the excitement and brightness like Maryellen. We voted for Millie Rayford as Julie. I think she really expressed her self and did a great job. Who do you want to win? :D

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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