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The Perfect Party - Part 2

"Let's have a... Retro Party! It will be fun. We can dance to 50's music and eat 50's food! What do you think, everyone?"

"Grace, you're amazing! I think a retro party would be great!", exclaimed Maryellen. Then all the dolls started working on the party.

First, I hung up a sheet for Maryellen. "Thanks Mom! It's perfect!".

Grace began to arrange the food...

While McKenna set up the game table.

Kit and Ruthie were in charge of the decorations. Things got a little messy, as you can see. :) "Be careful with those scissors, Ruthie!". "I will, Mom."

Kaya didn't have anything to do, so she watched Isabelle as she selected songs for the party.

Millie taped posters on the wall...

And of course Lanie and Maryellen were there to oversee all the party decorations!

Then, everyone rushed back to the dollhouse to get dressed in the most retro-looking outfits they could find! When they returned, Maryellen shouted, ''Let the party begin!''. Kaya turned on the jukebox and began to dance.

Isabelle and McKenna were deciding on what game to play.

''This sure is cool, Lanie!'', said Maryellen. ''I know! I love the jukebox Mom made us!''

(I made this using a jukebox template I drew. Then I covered a cracker box with brown paper.)

''Ooh, I want a soda!''

Soon, the girls were hungry. A long line formed at the food table.

Everyone loved the tasty treats that Grace made!

''Even though we... couldn't go... swimming, this party was still... a lot of fun!'', said Maryellen, through big bites of her cookie.

''It has been fun! I hope we can do it again.'', replied Lanie.


Did you like the story? I'm hoping to make more photo stories soon. :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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