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Review - American Girl Maryellen Doll

Hi everyone! Today I'm reviewing American Girl's 18 inch Maryellen Doll! Let's get started.

Maryellen is a beautiful doll! I think her hair is one of her best features.

It's strawberry blond and very silky. At first, I was worried that her bangs would flip out and up like Grace's, but they don't. :)

Look how pretty and curly her ponytail is!

Maryellen comes with her hair in a high ponytail. It's secured with a clear rubber band, and then her blue hair bow is put around it.

Next, let's take look at her face. She has peachy skin with soft-colored lips. To me, her eyes are a very dark green, but AG says that they're hazel. Maryellen has feathery strawberry blonde eyebrows.

I was surprised when I first saw her neck. It's a little loose, unlike Grace's neck. Grace arrived in the mail too, but her neck was extremely tight.

Maryellen's dress is ADORABLE! It has pink, blue, and white stripes.

There are tiny ribbons that go around the waist and the top of the dress.

There is Velcro in the back.

Maryellen also arrives in a short sweater. It has a M monogrammed on it.

Super cute shoes! They're T strap and Velcro on the side.

My Maryellen doll has a rough hand. It feels like sandpaper. The other hand does not. But I guess that makes her special. :)

I love Maryellen! She looks so sweet and cute. I'm very blessed to have her.

I rate Maryellen 5 out of 5 stars!

Do you have Maryellen? We would love to see photos of her! You can send them to me

A review on her accessories will be posted soon!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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