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The Big Pet Mess! Part 1

"Are you sure that you won't be mischievous and make a mess while we're gone?", said Grace.

The dolls were going shopping, and no one was staying with pets.

"Ruff!", said all the dogs. Lulu just wiggled her nose. Bunnies do NOT say "Ruff!", she thought.

''Ok, bye!''

Grace dashed out the house, closing the door behind her. Everything was quiet.

"What now? Everyone is gone!", cried Sugar.

"Well, Let's do something!", Pepper barked.

"Let's eat something...", said Bonbon.

She looked around for food. Finally, BonBon found a dish that had been left out. It smelled a lot like...

"Nachos!", exclaimed Bonbon.

She climbed up the counter and began to devour the tasty, cheesy, delicious, nachos.

"Mmmm... So good!"

Pepper started to get hungry, too.

"Hey, a cake! C'mon, someone help me get it!", he yelled.

The dogs pushed a chair over to the refrigerator. Lulu sat on the moving chair, because she thought she was too small and delicate to help. :)

"Almost... there.... Just a little higher!", Pepper said, reaching for the cake. "Got it!"

Suddenly, they all came crashing to the floor! Then Bonbon and Pepper jumped up and raced towards the crumbled cake.

''Oh, this is SO good! You guys don't want any?'', Pepper said with a mouthful of icing.

''No, no thank you. Fine ladies like Lulu and I don't eat off the floor.'', replied Sugar.

''Yes, that's right!'', agreed Lulu.

Then Sugar said, ''Now, what should we do?''.

What kind of trouble are Lulu and Sugar going to get into? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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