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Our Grace Sidewalk Chalk Art

A few days ago, my sisters and I made a Grace Thomas pogo stick course with chalk! We drew roads and decorations. Then we raced each other on our pogo sticks! It's really fun! Here are some photos of our Grace course.

It's called Grace's Pogo Paris Trip!

You can be on Team Grace...

Or Team Bonbon! (I just realized that I didn't write the first n in Bonbon! Oops!)

Once you get started on your Paris road trip, you will see some tasty french treats drawn by DollPandaLover.

I drew this macaron. :)

On both of the roads, you will see a pink macaron. You must jump in a circle on it. This was DollBaker24's idea!

After the spinning macaron, there is the Eiffel Tower (drawn by me) and La Patisserie!(drawn by DollBaker24)

This is the Seine River. Grace visited it in her books. DollPandaLover made this! She is very proud of it, because it took her an hour to make it. :D

Near the end of the course, you must stop and wait 5 seconds for the french people to cross the street.

And at the end, Sylvie and her cat Napoleon congratulate you!

DollBaker24 drew Sylvie and her cat.

We had a great time playing on our pogo stick course! It was really fun.

Have you made any AG inspired art? You can send me photos to me at! We love to hear from our readers!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

Bonus Photos!

Here is some of my other chalk art! :D

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