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Hi, everyone!

It's me, Lanie. Mom is busy right now, so I get to do a post. Guess, what? My best friends, Grace and Annie, are coming with me on a vacation! I'm excited, and Kaya's dog Pepper is staying with us too!

Do you know where I'm going? No, sadly it's not Paris.... We are going to the woods! I'll be sleeping in a cool cabin and maybe even get to go swimming. :) But, there isn't any wifi or internet out there, and Mom can't moderate comments or anything like that. So, don't worry if your comment isn't published. She's going to do all of that as soon as she can. Oh, and did you notice my new travel case? :) I love it! Mom is doing a review soon!

I have to go! We're leaving now. Bye!

- Lanie

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