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The Big Pet Mess - Part 2

Today, I finally had time to get Part 2 posted! Sorry it took so long. :) I've been really busy.

If you haven't read Part 1, or if you forgot what happened, click HERE.


Sugar and Lulu began to walk around, looking for something to do.

Suddenly, Sugar squealed. "It's perfect! Let's go see what that box is."

Lulu and Sugar pushed the chair with all their might! They aren't very strong....

Some how, they managed to get the chair to stand up.

"Whoa, what is it?", asked Lulu in amazement.

"Let me read it....Hmmm, it's called Isabelle!", she replied happily.

"Help me put on some Isabelle, Sugar! I want to be glamorous!"

"Ok, hold still please...."

Sugar grabbed a brush and dabbed it in makeup. Then, she started to make Lulu look "lovely",or at least that was what she thought....

"A little bit of this...."

"And that...."

"Alright, you're done, darling!"

Lulu turned to the mirror on the makeup box.

"You..... YOU MADE ME GLAMOROUS! Sugar, you are absolutely great at putting on Isabelle!", shouted Lulu. "Now, I'll do you."

"Good, good, I'll add some of this...."

"And do a little bit of that..."

"Done, Sugar!", exclaimed Lulu.

Sugar's hair was tangled in rubber bands, and her makeup, or should I say Isabelle, was smeared all over her face!

"Ooh, la la! I look simply gorgeous!"

On the other side of the kitchen, BonBon and Pepper were making a terrible mess!

Pepper was digging through the freezer...

While BonBon was baking, well, we don't really know what she was baking.

"This should be done in.... 1 hour! Yes!"

Lulu ran upstairs and returned wearing Maryellen's sunglasses.

"Look!", she said, showing off her new find.

"I want one!", cried Sugar. She dashed upstairs and found Kit's old baseball hat.

"Now, my outfit is per-"

All the pets stopped. Someone knocked on the door....

What will happen next? If you like the story so far, please tell me. I might do more stories in the future. :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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