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Review - Grace's Travel Keepsake Case

Earlier this week, we stopped by Michael's craft store to get some clay and something for our vacation. My mom let us all pick out something, so I chose this adorable Grace Travel Case! It's time for a review!

I think it cost $20? Sorry, I don't remember...

This is the design on the front of the case. So cute! The hearts are perfect.

Back of the case.

The top has a black handle and some kind of thing that closes it.

Inside, it comes with quite a few things!

This case has a lot of room in it! You could use it to pack doll clothes and accessories. It can easily hold 3 or more outfits along with accessories and shoes.

So many cute stickers!

Included is 4 sticker sheets, passport book pages, 1 envelope.

The 2 sticker sheets are very cute! There are even some for your dolls travel case.

A passport is included, but you have to put it together.

A doll size travel case! It's perfect if you want your doll to match.

Grace has plenty of room for her clothes and shoes!

Overall, it's a very nice travel case. The colors and design are great and it comes with a lot of things!

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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