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Guess Where I'm Going - Retro Diner!

Did you guess where the dolls were going? They are going to....

A Retro Diner!

Wait, could it be? The Seaside Diner has opened in my town? Oh, it's another cute diner called Highway 55! Let's go inside!

Here are the Maryellens! Don't they look cute? :)

Time to order!

Ooh, yum!

"Yay, my food is here!"

Here's my (American Girl Doll Crafter) food! It came in a 50's truck with a strawberry milkshake.

When the dolls were done, it was time to explore the diner.


"I love retro posters! Don't you, Maryellen?"


"One of my favorite 50's show is I Love Lucy! What's yours?"

Here are some photos of the decorations in Highway 55.

I love all of the posters! :)

Who doesn't know about Elvis, the king of Rock 'n Roll? I don't listen to Elvis, but my Grandma loves him... :P. There were about 5 giant Elvis posters in Hwy 55.

This is the menu. It's so cute!

Look! This looks exactly like Maryellen's booth at her Seaside Diner! I had a photo of a blue booth, but I don't know what happened to it.... Sorry!

Hwy 55 also has cute chairs and checker floors!

This is the pattern on the counter. It looks like the pattern on the table in Maryellen's Living Room Set!

The dolls had so much fun and we did too!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. Stay tuned, Part 3 of The Big Pet Mess will be posted soon!

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