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Welcome Back!

Hi everyone, and welcome to our new site,!

We have a new look and now, Doll Days is user friendly! Here's some of the great new things we have...

1. It's easier to comment! You dont have to have any accounts; just enter your email and name. Then you're good to go! ( Your email will NOT be shared or published for your privacy).

2. We have a new look!

3. I can use my camera to take photos! This is amazing becuase I couldnt use my camera until now.

4. You have better access to Doll Days! Looking around and commenting is less complicated.

5. An American Girl giveaway is coming soon!

6. All of our old posts are here! So dont worry, you can still read crafts, stories, and more.

7. After The Big Pet Mess, another story series will be posted.... Breakfast Battles!

8. DollBaker24 and DollPandalover are now able to post!

9. Our NEW web address is It's easier to remember, and easier to type in.

We're glad that you're back! Get ready for lots of doll fun on!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. A special thank you to Ms. Marla for helping my dreams come true! You are amazing!

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