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The Big Pet Mess - Part 3

It's time for Part 3 of The Big Pet Mess! Are you excited to finish up the story?

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As soon as the pets heard the knock at the door, they all ran; looking for a place to hide. Grace had just woke up from a nap upstairs and was very confused at what was happening.

''Hey, where is everyone going?'', she asked.

But the naughty pets had already left.

Just then, Millie walked in happily. But she stopped when she saw the kitchen catastrophe.

''Grace?! What happened in here?'', Millie cried.

The other girls walked in the kitchen and gasped at all the clutter.

''What's going on?''

''Grace, why did you make such a mess!''

''How are we going to clean this up?''

Grace slowly sank to the floor, embarrased.

Isabelle, however, did not care about the kitchen. Instead, she ran upstairs to her room.

''Wait, what's that?'', she said, lifting the covers of a bed.

''Pepper? Bonbon? What are you doing up here?''

Lanie came in the bedroom and noticed something unusual on her bed.

''Sugar! What happened to you?''

Lulu appeared from under the bed.

''Lulu? .... Wait a second..'' Lanie dashed back downstairs

''Girls, girls!''

Everyone stopped talking and looked at Lanie.

''Grace didn't do this. It was Pepper, Bonbon, Sugar and Lulu. I know they made the mess becuase Pepper and Bonbon smell like cookies, while Lulu and Sugar have make-up splattered on thier face.''

''Woof...'', said Grace, trying to apologize.

''Oh, I'm sorry Grace. We shouldn't have blamed you.'', Mille said.

Grace perked up and wagged her tail.

''Woof, woof!''.

''It's going to take some time to clean this up. Why don't we go ask a few friends for help?'', suggested Lanie. The girls agreed, so they left the house.

Isabelle came down just as the girls walked out.

''Wow, what a mess! I wonder who will clean this up? Not me. Well, at least nothing of mine has been damaged.''

But when Isabelle turned around...


The End!

That's the end of The Big Pet Mess! What did you think? More stories will be coming soon!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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