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The Rainbow Robin

''Ahhh!'', said Lanie taking a deep breath of fresh air. ''It's a beautiful day for birdwatching. I'm hoping we can see the Rainbow Robin. It's a rare type of bird with rainbow feathers.''

''Ooh, I've never seen a Rainbow Robin! This is going to be fun!'', excliamed Millie.

''Shhhh! Be quiet. You'll scare away the birds!'', Lanie whispered.

''Oh, sorry.''

This was Millie's first time birdwatching, and she was very excited!

''Hey, is that the Rainbow Robin?'', Millie said.

''No, it's just a blue bird.'', replied Lanie.

''When will we see the Rainbow Robin? I'm getting sort of bored...''

''Millie, please try to be quiet! If you're loud, we won't even see the Rainbow Robin!'', whispered Lanie.

Everything was quiet for a moment. Then Millie shouted,

''Lanie, it's the Rainbow Robin!''

''No, that's not it, either,'', said Lanie, annoyed by Millie. ''Look, you've probably scared away all the birds. Let's just go home and try again tomorrow.'' Lanie sighed as she began to pack up. She was sad that they didn't see he Rainbow Robin, and she was mad at Millie for ruining her birdwatching trip. But she knew that Millie didn't mean to ruin it. 'Maybe I should apologize to Mille. Afterall, I wasn't very nice...' she thought.

When Lanie turned around though, Millie was gone.

''Millie? Mille, where are you?'', she called.

Lanie walked around the tree...

And there was Millie! Perched on her hand was a brightly colored bird with rainbow feathers.

Mille grinned. ''Is this the bird you were looking for?''.

Lanie gasped as the beautiful little bird spread it's wings and flew away.

''Millie, you're amazing! You found the Rainow Robin!''. Lanie said as she gave Millie a hug. ''And.. I'm sorry. I wasn't very nice earlier.''

''It's okay! I was being a little loud...''

Both girls laughed. They had fun, and they saw the Rainbow Robin, too!

Fun Fact: I wrote this story a LONG time ago, before I even had my blog or my dollhouse! :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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