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A Special Trip

A few days ago, my family went on a special trip. My dad had some business in Atlanta, so we decided to go with him. My sisters and I were especially excited, because we were also going to the American Girl Store! I haven't been in 2 years, so it was the best day ever! (Well, maybe not for our brothers. They had to sit and endure all the pink, dolls, and girly things. But they were very kind and patient!) I brought Lanie, and DollBaker24 and DollPandalover both took Grace. There are ALOT of pictures, so this post will have to have two parts. Let's get started!

AG Atlanta has a bistro! We had lunch there, but I'll tell you about that in Part 2! :)

When we first walked in, a pretty holiday display was set up. Almost everything in the store was boxed in Christmas packages with a bright red bow. I didn't see the new In-Store holiday gown. It should be released in November.

This doll is modeling the Sparkle Spotlight Outfit. I like it, but the shoes are a little weird to me.

Truly Me 62 rocks the Gorgeous Gold Dress! I didn't notice this, but the jewel on the purse is clear. In the magazine pictures, it looked a little blue to me.

Truly Me 63 has modeled the Joyful Jewels Dress many times. I'm sort of tired seeing it on her, but she does look nice in it. I would recommend looking at this outfit in person before buying it. The dress is not high quality.

A close up of the new holiday boxes. They match well with the colors of the new dresses.

At the book section, a Maryellen doll and her couch bed were on display. You could play with it, so Lanie sat down and had a little interveiw with Maryellen.

''Hi, I'm Lanie! Can I ask you a question?''

''Sure! I love to answer questions.''

''What is life like as a display doll?''

''It's fun, but you have to be prepared. Some girls come in here and pull my hair. They throw me around and play roughly. But not all the girls are like that. Some are very kind and they curl my hair. Those girls play gently with me and set my display back up when the others have wrecked it. I like it, but my dream is to go live with a nice little girl who will play and take care of me everyday. I still enjoy my job, though!''

''I'm sure you'll find a great family one day. Until then, keep up the good work! American Girl needs dolls like you who are ready to be played with!''

Next, we have photos of Beforever.

This is Maryellen's big display case. What's your favorite thing out of her collection? I love the poodle skirt. It's cuter than I imagined!

I thought it was a little odd that Maryellen's couch could be found in 3 different places throughout the store.

I was really sad that you couldn't play with her Seaside Diner. :(

It's so adorble even though it's $275!

''Maryellen! It's you!''

Sorry this is blurry. Maryellen's poodle skirt for girls adorble! My mom picked this out for my sisters and I. It's not itchy at all and I abosolutely love it!

This dress is cute too, but the straps are thin. It;s made out of a rough material.

A photo of Kaya's big display case.

I was so excited to see her new Pow-wow Dress! It's very colorful.

Sparks Flying is Kaya's baby horse. Her mare, Steps High, wasn't there.

Kit's bed looks blue in this photo...

And green in this one!

Do you think these Grace dogs look mad and sad?

Her is Julie's biggest display. Julie's bedroom is a little squished togther. I have to say, her new pajamas are really cute!

You could play with her car wash. The car actually has working sounds!

Samantha had the most displays you could play with. However, her gazebo was up high and I couldn't reach it.

DollBaker24's Grace is enjoing a snack with Samantha!

Her bed is huge!

This is the only photo have of Josefina. Sorry, I meant to take some of the other Beforever chracters, but I forgot! I'll remember next time. :)

The mini dolls.

Maryellen was missing!

We found her on the other side of the store in the new holiday boxes.

Did you enjoy the photos? What do you think about the new holiday boxes? Stay tuned for Part 2! It will have Grace and Truly Me pictures.

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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