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Outside in the Evening - A Photo shoot

Hi, it's Kaya. Mommy took me on my first photo shoot today. It was fun, and I got to climb trees! Here are the pictures she took of me...

Mommy likes this one but I don't. Who wants a picture of thier feet? Not me, but maybe mommy.

I like this one because I got to climb a tree!

Do you like my pictures? I do. And guess what? Mommy said she is going to feature me alot in November since it's Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday!

Yes, that's right, Kaya! You will be featured in November! Kaya will be starring in a Thanksgiving Story.

I can't wait! Can we start taking pictures now? I'll go get in my costume and then we can-

Slow down, we'll do all that in just a little bit. Until then, tell everyone bye!


-American Girl Doll Crafter and Kaya


Here's a fun photo I edited! You can use it as a wallpaper or send it to someone to brighten thier day. Feel free to post it on your blog! :) Just remember to put a link back to this post. Enjoy!

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