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DollBaker24 was looking around on American Girl's Youtube channel when she came across this...

AG Life! This is why American Girl trademarked the name. Right now, it's only on youtube, but I think it's going to take the place of Inner Star U on November 5th. I could be wrong, though.

This is Elana. She's in New York, introduces you to AG life. (Notice the Maryellen display behind her!) The first episode is about Halloween. (I do don't do Halloween.)

There are a few girls that star in AG Life. This is Brynn. She does a little thing called Sticky Situation. A girl tells a problem, and then the AG Life team answers and gives advice.

There is another thing in the episode called This or That. Amya gives you a few choices about different things. Then she asks you to comment and vote on what you like best.

Here's the LINK.

I don't care for AG Life at all. To me, the girls act weird and the stuff they do in it is weird, too. I liked Inner Star U alot better becuase it encouraged girls to be thierself and reach for thier dreams. AG Life is like a regular show that doesn't really encourage you to anything. It's definitley not my favorite thing American Girl has made.

What do you think about AG Life? Do you absolutely love it, or do you like Inner Star U better?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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