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Leaked Photos! Possible Lea Clark Swim Suit!

While searching through American Girl products on Tao Bao, I found photos of brightly colored swimsuits that look alot like something Lea would have!

Please do not use the following photos without permission!

I am almost positive that this is Lea's swim suit. It has a unique pattern, which gives it a Brazilian look. Notice that American Girl is printed on the right sleeve, but a Lea Clark tag is not there. That means that this could be for Truly Me, but I highly doubt it. I think it's too bold and tropical for Truly Me.

I keep telling myself to not like Lea and her collection, but that's not working. Her swim suits are becoming a favorite of mine! They're very colorful. (I think that's why I like it.) Like on the first swim suit, American Girl is printed on but not Lea. The material used for the fringe has the same pattern as the other swim suit shirt! Could this mean that they are sold togther? I hope so! I will probably end up buying this if it's available.

I don't know if this is made by American Girl, but it looks like something Lea would wear. They don't look high-quality, but they are cute!

What do you think about these bold and colorful swim suits? I personally love them. Since my birthday is a few days after the new Girl of The Year debuts, I'm hoping to receive these swim suits as a present. But I wonder why there are 2? Will this be a mix-and-match swim suit set? I think it will because you could easily mix-and-match since the colors and patterns are similar. We'll just have to wait and see!

Are you getting excited about Lea?

​-American Girl Doll Crafter

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