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My American Girl Wishlist 2015

American Girl has so many cute things for the holidays! Their items are high quality and adorable. Are there any AG items you wish you could recive for Christmas? If so, what would you like to have? Today, I thought I would share with you my American Girl Wishlist! (A wishlist is a list of things you wish for.)

1. Grace's Pastry Cart

I have loved this ever since it came out! The treats look yummy don't you think? American Girl did a great job designing this. One nice feature is that if you don't want the pastry cart to be La Petite Patisserie all the time, you can turn the cart around and it will be Polka-Dot Patisserie! How cool is that? There are so many shelves you can put the treats on.

2. Gorgeous Gold Outfit

This dress is truly gorgeous! It's very fancy and has a unique style. Truly Me #36 looks stunning in it! I like the shoes becuase they are very sparkly. :)

3. Himalayan Kitten

Who doesn't love an adorable kitten? This little pet would be great for stories, photo shoots, or even stop motions! I do not have a cat or a pet with moveable legs, so this would be a nice gift to recive. Do you have any name ideas?

4. Maryellen's Poodle Skirt

When I heard that Maryellen was from the 50's, I knew she was going to have a poodle skirt. This one is so pretty and pink! I like the shoes and the polka-dot sleeves. My grandma had a poodle skirt when she was a girl, so this reminds me of her. :)

5. Maryellen's Iceskating Outfit and Accessories

Maryellen could wear this after Christmas! I like the way American Girl used blue and red, not green. That way, your doll can wear it throughout the winter. The skates are so pretty! I love the color. It looks like a robin's egg blue.

6. Hot Lunch Set

This little lunch looks yummy! When we went to the American Girl Store, I was able to see it in person. The cheese stick is ADORABLE and the brownie is a treat any doll would enjoy! My dolls don't have a lunch box or tray yet, so this is something I really like.

7. Grace's Pajamas

I think Grace's pajamas are very unique and stylish.The bows give it the perfect touch! I laso like the soft colors. The doodles on the pj pants are really cute and give it that Parisian look.

8. Polar Bear Pajamas

To me, these are the cutest holiday pj's that American Girl has ever made! It's nice that they used red and green this year. Lanie would look beautiful in this with her green eyes. You know, you could actually use the top as a shirt!

9. Beforever Fashion Design Book

I love fashion and American Girl Dolls, and now, the two are combined into this awesome design book! I missed out on Isabelle's Fashion Sketchbook, but I think this one is better becuase you can design a variety of different clothes instead of just ballerina outits. Plus, I love to make historical-inspired fashion with a modern twist!

10. Delicious Breakfast Set

What doll doesn't love a delcious breakfast? My dolls are hungry for some breakfast food. (All they have right now is homemade sculpey waffles...) The pancakes look so real that even I could eat them! And I just love the orange juice and cinnamon rolls. I just noticed that the pattern on the napkin matches the chair covers that came with my doll kitchen table!

11. Kaya's Modern Fancy Shawl Outfit

Kaya does not have any Indian dresses besides her meet outfit, so I thought she would like this. The colors are bold and beautiful! The shawl makes the dress look elegant. This is Limited Edition, so I hope I can get it before it's sold out or gone!

That's the end of my American Girl Wishlist! Speaking of AG Wishlists, my friend American Girl Doll Artist and I have been sharing our Wishlists with eachother. It's been really fun, and we wanted to share them with you. To see her wishlist, click HERE. And guess what? YOU can share your American Girl Wishlist, too! Make post about it on your own blog, or write it in the comments. However you do it, we'd love to hear what you are wishing for this Christmas!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. Remember, while gifts and presents are all nice, Jesus is the real meaning of Christmas. In fact, without him, there wouldn't even be Christmas.

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