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A Special Trip - Part 2

Where were we? ....Oh yes, we just finished Beforever! :) Now, shall we move on to Grace?

(SO sorry that some of these are blurry and have bad lighting. I didn't get to check the photos until after we left the store.) My sisters and I were so excited that the girl-sized Grace and Bonbon were still there! We try to take our picture by each girl of the year. It's sort of becoming a tradition.... :)

Over to the left, there was a TV playing Grace's movie. Under it were all of the DVD's.

This is Grace's City Outfit for girls. Fun Fact: My sisters and I call it her ''Love'' Outfit!

The Bistro Set is adorable! We loved playing with it.

''Bonjour, bonjour! Please take a seat, Madame."

''Why thank you!''

The food is so realistic; especially the cheese and berries. I like the way the lemonade glass has bubbles in it.

Grace's Pastry Cart was my favorite thing to play with. It has a french/girly look. The counters were very pretty, and the clear shelves allow you to display yummy treats in many different ways! Oh, and Grace's Patisserie was no where to be seen. :( I was sad, but at least most of her items were still there.

The macarons are very colorful. I wonder what flavor they are?

''Would you like a treat? My tarts are half price today!''

These are my favorite pastries from the cart.

Sorry about the glare on the case. I had trouble taking this photo.

I wish I would have bought this when it went on sale! It's so cool.

Baking supplies are now available in AG Atlanta!

The Williams Sonoma products were there, too.

This is a cute craft set, but you have to buy most of the craft supplies.

Grace's Parisian Pajamas!

By the Café, a little display was set up. You could get a patisserie box full of Grace goodies! It cost $10.

Another Grace doll has in the book section.

Want to get your doll's hair nice and shiny like this? Here's a little secret that AG has: Comb your doll's hair with a doll comb. Mist it with a spraying bottle when you are combing. Then, use a toothbrush to smooth it out! DollPandaLover was facinated by that. :P

The suitcase is cute, but some parts are not that well-made. The Travel Coat is very pretty, though.

Grace's clothes for girls are very stylish in my opinion. :) My favorite is the Bonbon Shirt.

I love this, but for $60? Does any one know if it's made of real silver, sterling silver, or fake silver? The charms are beautiful. :)

Well, that's all for Part 2 of my special trip. Stay tuned, because Part 3 will have A LOT of Truly Me photos!

Also, there may have to be a Part 4 and 5. I had no idea that I took so many photos! I guess I was really excited... :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. Some of you have been asking when I am posting about my purchases. Well, I have decided to wait and save them for reviews that will be posted later on this year. Sorry! ;)

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