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Say your Final Goodbyes to Inner Star U!

Tomorrow is a very sad day. Inner Star U will be shut down and removed from the AG website. I'm very dissapointed and will miss all of it. To me, Inner Star U was one of the best things AG made. It encouraged you to be yourself and reach for your dreams. The guides were awesome and I enjoyed playing every game. The books and products were great, too. ISU was a place were girls could meet and have fun together. I'm so sad that it's leaving tomorrow, and it will probably be replaced with AG Life. Millie is extremely sad because she is the one who gave me access to Inner Star U. She's actually crying in her room right now... :( I almost feel like crying, too....

Inner Star U had the best online games ever. DollBaker24 and I enjoyed competing to beat eachothers records on Pajama Pile and Dive In. One fun memory was the first time we played Pom-pom Power. We were really little and sang the cheers over and over! :)

It's almost time to say good-bye to Inner Star U. :( I will miss it so much. Be sure to play while you can! Good-bye Inner Star U!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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