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Ruthie's Peanuts Costume

Why Hello! It's Ruthie. Since the new Peanuts (Charlie Brown) movie came out yesterday, I thought I would dress up as Lucy Van Pelt. No, no, I'm not bossy like the real Lucy, but Mother said that I look alot like her, so she made a costume for me!

Mother's brother had a little football, and it was just my size! In most Peanuts cartoons, Charlie Brown tries to kick the football, and Lucy pulls it away right when he kicks it. Poor Charlie Brown...

As you can see, my hair is in a special style. It took Mother almost an hour to get it perfect.

I just love my new costume!

And my little football!

And of course, my new look wouldn't be complete without Snoopy! Hello, Snoopy!

*Smooch* Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog! I have dog germs, get hot water!

Snoopy, you naughty dog!

Here are some photos that Mother took of me.

I'm sorry that some of them are blurry.

Now, a few photos of Snoopy!

Taking a rest on the doghouse... or the camera bag!

So, what do you think of my costume? I like it so much, and so does Snoopy! We had so much fun today. Now, I really should be going. I want to go show my outfit to all of my friends. Good-bye!

Ruthie is the perfect Lucy! She looks so much like her. But it took me a long time to get her hair just right. My mom is a Peanuts fan, so we enjoy watching the old movies together. She used to watch Peanuts all the time when she was little! :)

Does your doll like to dress-up in costumes?

-American Girl Doll Crafter and Lucy- I mean Ruthie!

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