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The Rainy Day - By DollPandaLover

Hi, it's DollPandaLover. I hope you enjoy my story!

Early that morning, Maryellen skipped to the windowand took a look. She let out a deep sigh.

''It's raining again? I guess today is another day stuck inside.''

She walked to her room where Annie was standing. Annie saw the look on Maryellen's face.

''What's wrong?'', she said.

''It's raining again!'', Maryellen replied.


''Go look for yourself.''

Annie looked out the window.

''Great.'' :( ''What do we do now?", Annie asked. ''I'd rather be outside.''

''Play cards?'', said Maryellen.


Annie felt a slobbery lick on her face.

''Eww, eww, get off!'', she cried.

''Here let me help you.'', giggled Maryellen.

Grace heard the girls crying upstairs.

She said, ''What's wrong girls?''

''It's raining again!''.

''Oh, that's too bad.'', answered Grace. ''But I'm sure there are plenty of things to do inside.''

Grace left, and Annie kicked the ball with her foot. ''I wanted to play Basketball. I wish it was sunny.''

''Girls!'', Mom called. ''Get ready for bed! Oh, and don't forget to say your prayers.''

''Yes ma'am.'', They both replied.

The to girls slipped into thier pj's and prayed.

''Dear Jesus,'' Maryellen began. ''Please not let it rain tomorrow, and thank you for your wonderful creation. Amen''

''Ahhh....'', yawned Annie.

They went to bed, hoping for some sunshine tomorrow. :)


-DollPandaLover :P

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