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Review: Pretty Pink Outfit

When we went to the American Girl Store in Atlanta, my mom let my sisters and I each pick out one outfit. I had wanted the Pretty Pink Outfit for a long time, and it was there!

The Pretty Pink Outfit is priced at $28. It comes with a dress, one bracelet, and shoes.

The sandals are very stylish. They 2 little bows sewn on, and an elastic band goes around the doll's ankle to keep it from falling off.

The shade of pink matches the whole outfit, which is nice.

The heart bracelet is one of my favorite things from the set! It has sparkly pink hearts with the same clasp as Grace's Charm Bracelet. Surprisngly, it's actually very easy to get on the doll's hand.

2 ruffles on the dress are made out of silk; the other is a flower fabric.

The back of the dress has a big beautiful bow! (I just love big bows, don't you?)

It's made from the same fabric as the middle ruffle. One thing I don't like about the back is that it looks a little small and doesn't cover all of Maryellen's shoulder, but you can't really notice if her hair covers it.

On the middle of the dress, there is the word LOVE.

Wow, so many details! I didn't know all of that was on the dress until I got a closer look.

The doodles and hearts are cute! It has bold/girly look, which I really like.

That's what comes with the adorable Pretty Pink Outfit! Overall, it's a nice outfit. I love all the pink! (Pink is my favorite color!) I rate American Girl's Pretty Pink Outfit 5 out of 5 stars.

Now, would you like some bonus photos?

What do you think of the Pretty Pink Outfit?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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