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Review: Truly Me #44

I took my new doll Georgia outside for some photos for my reveiw! She is a VERY pretty doll and I love her alot. Lets begin!

First, let's start with her face.

Georgia's eyes are green; a little lighter than Maryellen's. She has feathered eybrows and peachy lips.

She has tan skin which looks beautiful with her green eyes. :)

Georgia's hair is extremely curly. It's dark brown, and it takes a while to curl it.

Georgia arrived in a pretty lilac dress.

The belt is sewn on and has tiny sparkles in it.

The bottom of the dress has a few sequins and tulle.

The top of the dress has the same design as the bottom, but there are 3 blue stars embroidered on.

The shoes are great for mix-and-matching! They are the same color as the star. There are also sparkly dots.

That's my review! Overall, she's a gorgeous doll and looks stunning in any outfit. I rate Truly Me #44 100 out of a 100 stars! :P

Here are some bonus photos.

Behind the Scenes: American Girl Doll Crafter and I took our review photos on the same day!

Thanks for reading!


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