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A Special Trip - Part 3

The Truly Me section was the biggest one in the store, so there are lots of photos!

The pet section was really cute. Coconut was not in the display case with all of the pets... :(

I was so excited to finally get to hold one of the new pets! The moving legs are pretty cool. :)

The TV set is SO much fun to play with! It's worth the money.

This display was too high up to play with.

This display looks like the dolls are sleeping by a tree on Christmas.

The Petals & Plaid Pajamas sort of match the bed covers!

''Hello, would you like to have a sleepover?''

The dolls in this display don't look too happy.

The bathtub is cute!

The new Halloween costume is a little weird to me. Look at that wig!

The Truly Me dolls. Hey, it's Georgia!

Truly Me #64.

Such a cute camping scene!

DollBaker24 loves this little grill. :)

The special PWP Santa Dress was there. The boots are not included, but I'm sure any pair of black shoes would look great with it!

Speaking of Christmas, look at these adorable tree ornaments! I don't remember what they cost... sorry!

The new holiday items for girls were also at the store.

The infinity scarf was really soft, and it's available in red or white with gray spots.

The stockings were nice, but they don't look like something a girl would use.The jewelry and hats are cute though!

The pom-pom on top of the hats was huge! My whole hand couldn't cover it.

The Polar Bear Pajamas are very cute! I LOVE the bottoms.

The carrige was there again. It was sold last year, too.

''Hi! Come and join us for Christmas dinner!''

American Girl's new luggage line is nice, but expensive. I like the little pink case!

It was so much fun to get to go to the American Girl Store, and I had a great time with my family! :)

After a long day of shopping and playing with dolls, we went to a hotel. But when we walked in, there was something intresting set up. What could it be?

An American Girl Hotel! My sisters and I were so excited.

Everything was pink!

A doll was there in a display case for a giveaway.

First, we checked in. The lady gave us a pink envelope and inside had a nice note. Then she handed us a "credit card" to use in the hotel gift shop! It was cute. :)

Next, we arrived at our room.

There were doll hotel beds that we got to take home. They're perfect for sleepovers!

Everything was pink!

Pink pillows...

Pink pencils...

Pink towels...

And even a pink bath robe! It was so cool!

My sisters and I quickly changed into our pajamas and ate dinner. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. My mom went to open it and returned with pink star cookies and milk!

(We were puzzled by the little container of milk. Maybe it was for our dolls?)

My sisters and I had a lot of fun at the American Girl Store and Hotel! Well, that's all of my Special Trip. I hope you enjoyed! :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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