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"New" AG Items?

I was looking at today, and I found something very unusual. I typed in "New" in the search box, and a list of 317 items popped up. Most of them weren't new, but what are these?

The shoes from Kit's LE Set! American Girl is selling these by themself for some reason as the "Brown Shoes for Dolls". ($14)

These are not Rebecca's boots. DollBaker24 has Rebecca and her old Meet Outfit. The boots don't have rubber on the end and they are taller. I'm confused by these... ($14)

I have Kit and her old Meet Outfit, and her shoes are indentical to this pair! (I wonder what that means...) ($14)

The "Blue Shoes for Dolls" are from Julie's LE Set. But why would AG sell them separate if the LE Set is still available? ($14)

I don't know if this is old, or new. It looks a little cheap, but it's still pretty. ($15)

This may not be new either, but I have not seen it on before. ($10)

What? Isabelle's Metallic Dress is for sale without the net material thig that goes over it. It's being sold as the "T-shirt Tunic Outift for Dolls", but it has the Isabelle tag on the tights. Maybe this is for Cyber Monday? ($28)

This was not on the page, but I saw it on an American Girl ad. It's not for sale if you search it though... :/ ($26).

And last, a Patriotic Pet Set. It's cute, but looks cheap and you could easily make it yourself. That's probably why it's $8. Notice in the description, it says "Coconut the Pup". Does that mean that the rumors of Coconut's retirement are false? Why is the Dalmation modeling this if it's for Coconut? ($8)

I am so confused at all of these "new" things. Are they special things for Cyber Monday tomorrow? Is that why it says "Offer available while supplies last"? That's my guess, but I'd love to hear what ya'll think. :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. American Girl's Cyber Monday Sale will have select items that are up to 60% off! I wonder what they will be. I hope the selection is better than thier Black Friday Sale! :P

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