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Holiday Coloring Pages 2015

Are you ready to see the new Christmas coloring pages? I enjoyed making them and it was fun to draw the scenes. :)

This coloring page is called the "Holiday Tunes". It's unique becuase you get to draw the window display behind the dolls! I chose mine to be a holiday bakery, but you can make yours whatever you like. :)

Print "Holiday Tunes" Coloring Page

I think this one is my favorite! :) There are two dolls wearing this year's American Girl holiday dresses; the Gorgeous Gold Dress, and the Joyful Jewels Dress.

Print "American Girl Christmas 2015" Coloring Page

In this coloring page, a doll is wearing the Playful Polar Bear Pajamas and drinking hot chocolate. I also drew the Himalayan Kitten wearing a Santa hat. :P

Print "Playful Polar Bear Pajamas" Coloring Page

The last coloring page is called "Winter on Ice". The doll is wearing the Sparkly Skating Outfit, and she's on a frozen pond with mountains in the background.

Print "Winter on Ice"

Those are my Holiday coloring pages! I might make more Christmas ones, but I'm not sure yet. Right now, I'm busy making Truly Me ones, and I have a few Maryellen coloring pages. For now, feel free to print these out and color them with your friends and family. Have fun!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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