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Leaked Truly Me 2016 Possible Outfits!

A previously leaked outfit is now for sale on eBay again with a new headband!

The dress was first sold about a month ago without the green cloth headband.

In this listing, we get a close up of the fabric print. I think it will be for Truly Me becuase of all the doodles. :)

The American Girl tag is on the bottom left corner.

This is pretty cute! It's made by American Girl, too.

The back of the dress.

I don't care for this; the fabric looks a little old to me, like from the 80's or 90's. But the headband is cute!

Next is another leaked outfit I found.

This was also leaked a while ago. The shoes, aren't new, they're from Maryellen's Birthday Outfit.

I think this is ok, but it looks similar to the other green dress with the ruffles and straps.

You can see a tiny bit of the American Girl tag if you look closely! :)

I don't care for this dress either. There's something about it I don't like, but I can't find out what it is.

Last, is a Bitty Baby dress. I don't know if this is a new dress or not, but it's cute and I have never seen it before.

Ok, I just love that big bow! The colors are nice, too. DollBaker24 likes this alot. :)

The back of the dress doesn't have the purple sash, but it does have lace.

This is pretty, but sadly, I don't collect Bitty Babies. DollBaker24 and DollPandalover have 3, though.

I'm pretty sure the first two will be spring/summer outfits for Truly Me, and the Bitty Baby one will be a spring dress. What do you think of these outfits?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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