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Lea Clark's Collection List

Lea's Collection List has been leaked! There are lots of items, and I think her collection sounds very exciting and adventurous! Thank you American Girl Doll Play sharing the list! :)

Remember, even though this list could be true, it's still not offical.

Lea Clark's Collection

Lea Doll and Book - $120

Lea Mini Doll - $24 (Not sold through AG)


Lea's Beach Outfit - $28 (Purple Tye-Die Dress with Lime Green Shoes)

Lea's Rainforest Hike Outfit - $34 (Colorful Butterfly Top with Pants and Hiking Boots)

Lea's Tunic Outfit - $30 (Pink/Yellow Shirt with Jean Shorts and Colorful Sandals)

Lea's Bahia Dress (Bahia is a state in Brazil) - $38 (White Dress with embroidered designs and Gold Belt)

Lea's Pajama's - $24 ( Green Bird of Paradise Romper with rumored Green Flower Slipppers)

Lea's Mix and Match Swimsuit Set - $34 (Yellow Bikini with Fringe and Patterned Top with Patterned Bottoms)


Lea's Brazil Accessories - $32 (Meet Accessories)

Rainforest Hike Accessories - $32

Beach Accessories - $32

Lea's Earring Set - $16 (With doll ear piercing)

Lea's Bahia Hairstyle Set - $22

Lea's Cat - $22

Sloth - $18

Sea Turtle - $18


Lea's Rainforest House (BIG TICKET ITEM) - $500

Fruit Stand - $150

Ocean Kayak Set - $85


Lea Dives In (Book 1) - $10

Lea Leads The Way (Book 2) - $10

Lea and Camilla (Book 3) - $10 (Released in March)

Lea Three Book Set - $28 (Realeased in March)


Lea Leads The Way DVD - $10

Lea Leads The Way DVD/Blu-Ray - $15

Lea Leads The Way Soundtrack CD - $8


Lea's Tropical Dress for Girls - $44

Lea's Tribal Tunic for Girls - $38

Lea's Shorts for Girls - $24

Lea's Pajamas for Girls - $44

Lea's Slippers for Girls - $22

Lea's Swimsuit for Girls - $48

Lea's Messenger Bag for Girls - $38

Lea's Compass Necklace for Girls - $50

Butterfly Tee for Girls - $26

Tropical Tee for Girls - $26

Explorer Phone Wristlet for Girls - $24

Brazil Postcard Set for Girls - $24

Rainforest Earring Tree for Girls - $28

Beach Accessories for Girls - $28

Tropical Beach Tote for Girls - $38

LINK to Original List at American Girl Doll Play

That's Lea's Collection! What do you like? I'm curious about the Bahia Accessories, Brazil Accessories, Rainforest House, Fruit Stand.... Basically everything! I noticed that some of Lea's items are similar to Grace's; Explorer Phone Wristlet, Brazil Postcard Set, and the Messenger Bag. I am so excited about Lea's Debut! She sounds so adventurous, and I like the Tropical Theme. I can't wait for January 1st! :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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