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The Greatest Gift - A Christmas Photo Story - Part 1

For the last two weeks, I've been working on a special story for you. It's called "The Greatest Gift", and it reminds us about the real meaning of Christmas. I hope you like it!


Starring Georgia as Lea Thomas

Grace - Mom (a.k.a Mrs. Thomas)

Emily - Hailey Camps

Carol - Lucy Camps

Maryellen - Maggie

Marylee - Sally

Isabelle - Ms. Mayfield

The school bell rang loudly, but could barely be heard ove the children's chattering. Christmas was only a week away!

Lea Thomas was especially excited, beacuse Christmas was her favorite holiday. Her house was decorated top to bottom, presents sparkled under the tree, and smells of ginger filled the air. But she really loved strolling around the neighborhoods, looking at all of the lights and decorations.This was the last week of schol before Christmas break. Ms. Mayfield called the class to order for a special announcement.

"Class, listen up! I have a special surprise for you. To celebrate Christmas break, we're going to have a party!".

Everyone cheered. "There will be games, food, and crafts. I hope you'll have fun. So what are you waiting for? Let's go!" Everyone lined up behind Ms. Mayfield and walked down the hall into the lunch room. Lea and her best friends, Sally and Maggie, decided to play games first. "Ok, girls, which game should play first?", Lea said. They picked checkers.

The girls sat down and the game began. After watching Sally and Maggie play 5 rounds of checkers, Lea was getting thirsty. "Hey girls, I'll be right back. I'm going to get something to drink.".

She walked to the drink station, where Hailey Camps was standing. Lea glanced at Haliey's thread-bare shirt and worn out shoes. Then their eyes met. Although Hailey wasn't very popular or wore the latest fashions, there was something about her that made her different. That warm smile, that twinkle in her eye that no one could describe. "Hi Lea! Isn't this party fun?". "Um, hi Hailey. Yes, it is really fun.", Lea said, hoping nobody would see her talikng with Hailey.

"Have you tried the punch yet? It's really yummy." "Uh, yeah, it is really good. Well, um... see you around, Hailey.", Lea said, trying to step away.

"Ok, bye Lea!", Hailey said happily. Lea hurried back to the table where her friends were sitting.

Later in the afternoon when it was almost time to go home, Ms. Mayfield had another suprise. "Ok, everyone, I have one more announcement! I'm going to give you all a piece of paper. Write your name, then write some things you like that are uder $5. Once you're done, put it in this bowl. We are going to do a gift exchange! I want you to close your eyes and pick out a name. Don't say who you got. Bring back your gift on Friday!"

Lea thought quietly to herself. "$5? I don't think that's enough! Oh well... What do I want? Oh, that necklace I saw and...", Lea wrote everything down. When everyone's names were in the bowl, Ms. Mayfield let the children take turns drawing out a name.

Lea put her hand in the bowl, hoping to get one of her best friends. She pulled out a piece of paper and unfolded it. Her smile faded.

"Hailey? I got Hailey?", Lea thought. She read what Hailey asked for. "...Why would she want a gift for a 5-year-old?". All of a sudden, Maggie appeared by Lea.

"Lea! You won't belive who I got! I got you! Oops...", Maggie said excitedly. "Good for you...", Lea mumbled. "Who did you get?" asked Maggie. "Nevermind who I got. It's supposed to be a surprise." She forced a smile.

"Ok, kids! Remember, Friday is when we give our gifts!", she told them. "See you tomorrow!".

What do you think of the story so far, and what do you think will happen next? Stay tuned!


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