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New Possible Truly Me or Beforever 2016 Outfits!

Some new mysterious outfits are listed on eBay. They could be for Truly Me or Beforever Outfits in 2016.

The first one is very colorful! I actually sort of like it.

The shirt has multicolored stripes. The bottom of the shirt also has a zig-zag cut and pink tassels. That makes me think that this is for Julie, but maybe Truly Me?

The shorts are a nice color blue, and they go well with the top.

Here you can see some American Girl tags hidden in the shorts and shirt.

Next, we have a intresting possible Valentines day shirt. This top might be paired with some leaked shorts. (Sorry, I don't have a photo of the shorts right now.)

I like this, but I don't LOVE it. The words say, "Listen to your Heart." I'm guessing that this is for Truly Me because of the doodle pattern.

The American Girl tag is also hidden in the shirt! :)

Finally, we have this blue top. I don't care for it at all, but it's ok.

The buttons look as if they're made from clay, and the pattern looks like something for he 4th of July.

We don't see an American Girl tag on this one, and there isn't any velcro on the back.

What do you think of these leaked outfits/shirts? Who do you think they are for?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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