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The Greatest Gift - A Christmas Photo Story - Part 2

This is Part 2 of The Great Gift! What do you think of the story so far? Are you ready to find out what happens?

If you did not read Part 1, click HERE.

That night, Lea's Mom came to tuck her in. "Hey, sweetie. I noticed you were quiet at dinner. Is something on your mind?", she asked.

Lea told her mom everything that happened at school.

"But I just can't figure out why Hailey would ask 'anything for a 5-year-old'...", sighed Lea in confusion.

"Well, Lea, you do know you carried that stuffed Koala bear around until you were seven.", chuckled her mother.

"A stuffed bear.... that's a perfect idea! Thanks Mom!". Lea gave her Mom a hug.

"Get some rest, Sweetie. Goodnight!". "Goodnight, Mom...", Lea replied as she drifted off to sleep.

After school the next day, Lea went to Petite Boutique, her favorite store.

She went straight to the stuffed animal isle and picked out the cutest little bear.

As she was leaving the store, a shimmery object caught her eye. Lea turned around and gazed.

It was the beautiful charm bracelet she had ever seen.

"I've always wanted a bracelet just like this!", Lea whispered aloud.

She purchased the beautiful bracelet. The saleslady put it in a plastic bag, and Lea quickly slipped into her coat.

What a perfect day!

At home, Lea found a box for the bear and wrapped in shiny red paper with a gold bow.

She was so excited about tomorrow!

The next day at school, everyone could hardly wait for the gift exchange to begin. Ms. Mayfield played the piano and they sang Christmas carols. Santa came and gave everyone a candy cane. Then it was time to give eachother gifts. Ms. Mayfield asked Maggie to start it off.

Maggie walked up to Lea. "Merry Christmas, Lea!"

It was Lea's turn. She walked over to were Hailey was standing. "Merry Christmas, Hailey. I got your name." Quickly, Lea turned in time to see Sally give her gift, and then the bell rang.

"Merry Christmas, everyone!", Ms. Mayfield exclaimed. "See you in January!".

What happens next? Stay tuned for Part 3!


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